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Modern Meets Safari Nursery

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modern safari nursery room
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I had every intention to create this post sooner – like a year ago – but life happened. So here we are now. My son is 19 months old and I’m sharing the most intimate photos of his nursery. For many reasons Deuce’s nursery will forever be so so special to me. It was the very first complete room in our house and it’s always been this calm, yet playful space for him to grow and explore. Next year we plan to transition to a toddler room but for now we’re holding onto the modern-meets-safari vibe for just a bit longer.

When designing his room, it was really important to me that the core of the space was neutral with subtle elements of color to tie in the safari nursery theme. The wall art, bedding, light fixture, storage bins and book shelf all have these unique varying animal or safari touches that work really well together. Traditionally, when you think of a safari browns and greens come to mind but my goal was to capture the safari theme, add a twist and play with different color palettes.

Over the past year we swapped out different toys as Deuce grows. The latest edition is the ball pit which feels non-traditional but fun at the same time. Since we haven’t started on play room yet, I wanted his room to feel youthful and inviting for him to explore.

I can’t wait to see how this space evolves over next year into a toddler room. Stay tuned!

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