As a mom, wife, career woman and business owner, having a natural inclination for organization seems like a necessary in order to be successful but frankly, it's wired within me. Always has been. Sprinkle in a keen eye for style and you get me.

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As long as I can remember, I have embodied this unwavering passion to create.  As a kid, my birthday or Christmas lists consisted of sketch pads, art pencils, scrapbooks and planners. Creativity is at the core of who I am. In 2015, I launched my blog to serve as a digital catalogue of my daily outfits and favorite things. Over the years, while my style and personal life has evolved, my everlasting admiration for creativity lives within me. As a devoted planner, I ventured into my first business in 2017 and launched my very own planner fresh out of college. After a 4 year run, I closed my online site to focus on my career, motherhood and family. But never doubtful that one day when the timing felt right, whatever that means, I'd relaunch and take the planner industry by storm. While, that is still plan of record, I found a new admiration for helping other women launch their planner business and flourish in an industry I love dearly.  So here I am, intertwining all my worlds into one and it feels like home. 

xx, Alexa



You're ready to start your planner business but need the industry scoop, best practices & tips for a successful launch. Well, this was made for you!

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