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Is Self-Portrait Worth The Splurge?

Hi, loves!

Mama. Fashion Enthuse. Business Woman. With a natural inclination for organization and an unwavering passion for attainable, effortless style, elevating the everyday brings a sense of wholeness to my life.

Meet Alexa

You all know how much I love feminine, chic and classic pieces, right? As much as I drool over luxury brands like Self-Portrait, most times I can’t bring myself to splurge on them. Items have to work well in my closet and be on my luxury wishlist for over 6 months. This means I’ve carefully thought about the purchase, saved up for it and am ready to make the investment. That’s my rule and it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s definitely a process!

I first discovered Self-Portrait on “IT” bloggers like Aimee Song and other celebrities. Designer Han Chong, a Malaysia native has been in the fashion business for over a decade and dedicated to launch his own brand in 2013, Self-Portrait. It’s signature feminine dresses and separates with lots of lace, embroidery and sheer overlays, with a rather large price point: $300 to $600 range.

While I could never justify spending $500 on a dress or $300 on a top, I saw this blouse and instantly knew I had to have it. One of my favorite ways to style outfits is to mix prints. It’s a great way to add visual interest and have a little fun! I was excited to find this gorgeous black and white leopard print blouse (similar here, affordable here). The play on the print, off-the-shoulder sleeve, chic v-neck line and lace detail makes for a unique statement piece. To my surprise, I found it on sale at They host an annual sale of last season’s collection and I scored this blouse for $150. It was still a splurge but beyond worth it.

In all, Self-Portrait is worth the price, if you can afford it. Its pieces are unique, timeless and elegant. Those are my clothing love words. Would I purchase again? Sure, on sale! 😉


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