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Black Lives Matter: From Hashtag to Movement

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Photo: Catalina Williams @color_fuel

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Desmond Tutu

All thoughts are my own.

These days I’ve felt a variation of emotions from angry, disgusted, frustrated, empowered, overwhelmed and proud. As a Black women, I am obligated to speak up, use my tiny corner on the internet and evoke change to my readers. Where do I even been? Foremost, I want to say I am damn PROUD to be Black. My people are powerful beyond measure and we are changing the world one day at a time. I feel honored to be a part of the Black community and will never stay silent or turn a blind eye to injustice and racism in this world. I want to make an impact towards meaningful change.

Bearing witness to the world unite, partake in protests, donate to relevant causes, promoted black-owned businesses and educate themselves means we are moving in the right direction. Ending white supremacy is a marathon and we will overcome oppression, believe that! I am sick to my stomach hearing of the endless shootings of Black men and women in America. From Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Oscar Grant, Ahmad Arbery, Sandra Bland… damn this is heavy to type. Nonetheless, the list goes on and it is heartbreaking. I sit and think how can I do more? Personally, I began reading, signing petitions, educating myself on my own history, buying more black brands and yes, I need, want and WILL do more.

You see, the rage Black people (my people) are feeling right now is built up from those names above and all the way to Emmett Till. We want to see change, inclusivity and representation. Frankly, we want police and racists to stop killing us! Is this too much to ask? Hell no! Imagine your people enduring 400 years of slavery, 89 years of segregation, then boom, it’s 2020 and this shit is still happening. Let that sink!

Again, this is JUST a starting point. Real change comes when we come together and lead with love and empathy. While our voices and platforms make a difference, remember that action and policy drive change. So please, utilize your voting power.

Keep scrolling for a list of movies, organizations, actionable things to do and where to support!

What to Watch

If Beale Street Could Talk – Hulu

13th – Netflix

When They See Us – Netflix

Dear White People – Netflix

Fruitvale Station – Rent

The Hate You Give – Hulu

Just Mercy – Rent

Hidden Figures – Rent

Actionable Things To Do

Register to VOTE!

Sign the petition for justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Where to Donate

Colin Kaepernick Foundation

Black Lives Matter


Campaign Zero

Show Up Now

Color of Change


Justice for Breonna Taylor

Black-Owned Businesses To Support

Glamorous Planning

Black Girl Sunscreen

The Lip Bar



Mented Cosmetics

The TEN Nail Bar

Bole Road Textiles



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