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Bohemian Bridal Shower Brunch + What To Wear

Hi, loves!

Mama. Fashion Enthuse. Business Woman. With a natural inclination for organization and an unwavering passion for attainable, effortless style, elevating the everyday brings a sense of wholeness to my life.

Meet Alexa


Sure, wedding planning has been time-consuming, but I made sure not to let all of those other all-too-important events fall to the wayside. My bridal shower is a huge part of my wedding process and that means throwing on your best heels and finding a space that will totally capture your style plus accommodate you and the ones you love.

When planning my picturesque bridal shower, my bridesmaids and I started months in advance. I know, I know… WHAT THE HELL IS THE BRIDE DOING PLANNING HER SHOWER? Well if you know me, then you know if it’s my event I have to be apart of it in some capacity.

I chose to have my shower at a restaurant in Clawson called the Fed Community out of sheer convenience. I wanted to eliminate the hassle of cleaning up, extreme decorating, and any other additional expenses that come with setting up a venue from scratch. Not to mention, the venue prepared the food, served my guests and was absolutely stunning!

Playing off the bohemian aesthetic and my wedding colors, my bridal shower theme had both boho and Parisian vibes. From the centerpieces to the balloon arch, we kept everything simple yet chic. I sprinkled bits of Paris, where we got engaged, on the dessert table and made homemade parfaits (idea from Pinterest).

Now let’s talk style!

Yes, typically the bride wears a chic white dress but after months of searching for the perfect one with no luck, I decided on a non-traditional statement pantsuit. And when I say it was the BEST decision, I mean it! I snagged my suit from Zara, tailored the blazer and stole the room. It was easy to move in and captured my true style. So here’s my philosophy, do and wear what makes you freaking happy. OK?! Throughout the planning process, I’ve learned that tradition is expected but customizing your big day and the events leading up to it are strictly up to you and your soon-to-be hubby.


Shop some of my favorite bridal shower looks!

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