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My Top 5 Favorite Bars in Detroit

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Happy Monday! With less than 24 hours until the New Year, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite bars in downtown Detroit. If you’re like me, before going out on a Friday night, you’re asking everyone where to go to have drinks in the city. As Detroit becomes more and more popular for tourist–having a hub to highlight a few local favorites will make deciding where to go on a weekend much easier.

  1. Queens Bar– This newer bar emerged on the scene a few years ago in the heart of the city. The new Shinola development will be the ultimate destination for food, beverage and lodging and with this cute and quaint bar around the corner, it makes bar hopping super convenient. Detroit’s new neighborhood bar has great vibes and a cool street side patio.
  2. Standby– If you’re looking for the social scene, head over to Standby for great music (all the Drake vibes) and crafty cocktails. It’s located in the alley of The BELT. I love their late night menu (available until Midnight) with yummy chicken wings, burger & fries, and shrimp tempura skewers. MY FAVE!
  3. Apparatus Room– Definitely one of my favorite spots in the city. The Foundation Hotel transformed an old fire station into the most modern, chic hotel in the city. Thursday nights are a social scene for millennials but I’d go here for a cocktail and their yummy chicken sandwich or burger and fries anyway!
  4. Eatori Market– I first stopped by Eatori after getting my nails done at The TEN Nail Bar in Capital Park. I’m a “glass of rose” type of gal through and through so their selection of wines was perfect to me. Half market, half bar–this concept is really cool to me. In the summer, their patio becomes a little taste of Paris with their checkered bamboo tables and chairs.
  5. Candy Bar– a Jayne Mansfield pink cocktail lounge with plush furnishings and white palm tree wall details that give it an old Hollywood ambiance. Located in the Siren Hotel, the next time you’re downtown this bar is a must visit.

What are your favorite bars in Detroit? Share in the comments below!

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