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5 Tips to Packing your Travel Carry-On

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Mama. Fashion Enthuse. Business Woman. With a natural inclination for organization and an unwavering passion for attainable, effortless style, elevating the everyday brings a sense of wholeness to my life.

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Traveling as much as I do, I’ve picked up a trick or two to make long plane rides as easy as they can be! Through trial and error, and trips all around the world, some of the key things I focus on when packing is accessibility and efficiency. When I’m traveling, I like to be as organized as possible since traveling itself is already such a stressful thing. Checking in your luggage is easy, the trick is organizing & packing your carry-on! During my trip to Rome, you may have remembered my fiancés luggage was lost for a few days and before that in Cancun. We learned a valuable lesson quickly, always pack your carry-on with essentials that can last you a few days in case your luggage is lost. So today I’m sharing with you guys my 5 tips for packing the perfect carry-on luggage!

1. Pack at least (2) outfits

This packing method helps save a tons of tearing if your luggage is delayed or lost. I’ve learned it’s very important to expect the worst when traveling. Mistakes happen, luggages get lost but the trip must go on. I always pack 2 outfits in case of emergency. No one wants to buy a whole new wardrobe on vacation. My advice: pack 2 tops/2 bottoms or dresses. Easy going looks that’ll get you through a few days if necessary.

2. Keep your electronics together

Your laptop, tablet, chargers, even headphones, should all be kept together for easy access. Typically, I don’t pack my laptop unless I’ll be gone for over 3 days. I try to live in the moment and not think about posting blogs, checking emails, or working. It’s also a good idea to keep all your electronics in one place because then the delicate wires of your chargers won’t get damaged!

3. Never pack valuables in checked bag!

Ever! For example, jewelry or electronics. That way, if your luggage ever gets lost, your valuables will be safe. When packing your jewelry, it’s also important to use an organizer so your pieces won’t break! Not to mention you won’t ever lose your favorite jewelry piece if it’s all kept together in one place.

4. Roll your clothes

This packing method helps save tons of space, and keeps your pieces wrinkle free! It’s also very important to carry along a chic pair of heels and a dress- you never know when you’ll need to look chic at a moment’s notice! Oh don’t forget perfume, my current favorite is Miss Dior.

5. Pack a scarf or jacket

Comfort is essential! It will keep you warm on a plane, and once you arrive to your destination. Cabo dropped really chilly at night, so packing a cute bohemian style jacket or blazer for dinner dates was essential. I think one thing that I always underestimate is how cold flights can be because of the air conditioning or night temperature even in the most tropical places. Being off the water makes for cold nights.

What’s in my carry-on?

When you travel it’s important to plan ahead in order to make things as effortless as possible! And with everything organized in your carry-on, with all your essentials accessible at a moment’s notice, traveling will be a breeze! I hope these tips helped!

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