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5 Favorite Lipsticks

Hi, loves!

Mama. Fashion Enthuse. Business Woman. With a natural inclination for organization and an unwavering passion for attainable, effortless style, elevating the everyday brings a sense of wholeness to my life.

Meet Alexa

Something that you guys may have noticed about me is that I love red, burgundy and nude lipstick! The last thing I always do when putting on my face is applying the perfect lip for the day.  It’s the easiest, least expensive and most-chic way to pull your entire look together with a flick of your wrist!

1. Estée Lauder Vengeful Red

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip. Looking for reds can be tricky but,  if you look for ones with a blue undertone it gives off the illusion that your teeth are more white than they really are!

2. Estée Lauder Irresistible

Now for my favoriteeee, nude lips. I love this color paired with my Chestnut lip liner from Mac. It goes on velvety smooth and sets in seconds. Trust me when I tell you that this color will stay in place and will. not. budge!

3. Mac Heroine

While I don’t wear this color often, I love it paired with a deep red liner to give it an ombre effect. This lip color is all super pigmented and last all day, plus they’re super affordable. What’s not to love?

4. Estée Lauder Insatiable Ivory

Another neutral lipstick I can’t live without. I wear this color bare with no makeup. If I have a little extra time, I’ll layer this over the lip pencil for a deeper brown look.

5. Vampira

Finally, the perfect color for fall which I can’t seem to take off when it’s on. When I think of fall, I think of this lip color. It’s such a classic stain that pulls takes your look to the next level.

Each of these colors are universally super flattering and there’s one that works for every price point!


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