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Paris City Guide

Hi, loves!

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I may not be experienced enough to give a complete travel guide to Paris since I’ve only been to Paris twice and with a total stay of less than a month, but I’ve found that when you travel to a new city in a short amount of time, you make more of an effort to pick and plan the best places to visit. For someone like yours truly, Paris is the perfect destination not only to explore, but to create content that take your Instagram and blog to the next level.. I’ve included 8 locations that Instagramers, bloggers or anyone should visit to get the full Paris experience. And they are highly recommended for either first time visitors or bloggers/Instagrammers who are scouting for the perfect shooting spots.
1. Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

The world’s most desirable monument to see is right in the center of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is obviously a must see whenever you’re in Paris but more so by night. It’s one of the most beautiful and romantic sites to see, especially with a significant other. Make it a point to wander the streets of Paris at night to see this beauty light up the city.

2. Arc De Tromphe (Place Charles de Gaulle)Arc de TrompheThe most famous monument in Paris, standing at the western end of Champs-Élysées is the Arc de Tromphe – another MUST VISIT place. Climb to the top via 284 steps to the viewing platform and you can have best views of the famous Champs-Élysées along with 360 degrees of panoramic views of Paris. Yes it’s definitely worth the climb and it’s not as scary as it sounds.

*Avoid the tourist crowd and crazy traffic by going there early in the morning  before the city really wakes up*

3. Jardins du Trocadéro 


Situated directly across from the Eiffel Tower, this open space garden is the most popular viewing point of the Eiffel Tower. And yes, I searched all over to find these beautiful stairs. It’s also known for catching the beautiful light show of the Eiffel Tower at night.

*The best time to get this shot is early in the morning. We scoped the scene out the day before to see the perfect time to get this shot*


3. Palais-Royale 

palais royalpalais royal

If I had to pick one of the best shooting place in Paris, the Palais-Royale location near the Louvre would be on the top of my list. Daniel Buren’s striped columns in courtyard offers the most remarkable backdrops for your creative shoots. This place is a lot less crowded than many of the other spots.

4. Musée du Louvre

the louvreThe Louvre is the world’s largest and most historic museum in the city (and yes! there are a lot of museums in Paris). An obligation to stop by whenever you’re in Paris. Not only to its extensive art collections but to the historic building itself, but it houses the infamous Mona Lisa painting. For me, the Louvre is extremely special as it is the place where I got engaged to my loving Fiancée. Such a magical moment and every girl’s dream to be engaged in Paris, right?!

*It’s hard to find good angles to get a clear shot, I recommend going in the morning or at night. For this shot, we had a professional photographer, ps – I’m writing an entire post on how it all went down, the video and more pictures STAY TUNED*

5. Pont Alexandre III

Although I didn’t get a chance to visit the Pont Alexandre III, I hear it’s one of Paris’ most elegant, beautifully designed bridge. The Pont Alexandre III is dressed up with exquisite art & has a view of the Eiffel Tower. Click here to see more pictures.

6. Sacré-Coeur (Sacré-Cœur Basilica)

Never in my life have I ever seen a church more beautiful. Sacré-Coeur is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris, France. It’s so large that pretty much from any angle you can capture the best shot.

7. Avenue Montaigne 

Just off of the Champs-Élysées, the fame Avenue Montaigne is the city’s focal point for high fashion and luxury goods and home to all the great haute couture stores. Whether you are into heavy-duty shopping or simply window shopping, the picture perfect storefront makes here a must-visit. Or the hippest corner restaurant L’Avenue where you can usually spot celebrities sipping wine and people watching in the patio.

8. Cafés & Restaurants 

I tried so many restaurants and cafés in Paris and to be honest I cannot choose one that is my favorite. It took me some time to get adjusted to French food but once I discovered some of the most famous cafés in the city, I knew what the hype was all about.

Here are some cafés and restaurants I stopped by:

  • La Maison Rose
  • Le Pigalle
  • Maison Sauvage
  • Le Cinq
  • Laudrée
  • Ceil de Paris and much more!

9. Garden of Versailles (Jardins du château de Versailles)

Simply the most beautiful landscape in the entire city of Paris. The garden of versailles occupies 800 acres of land, 200,000 trees and 210,000 flowers planted annually – the manicuring is seriously a work of art. This is one of those places where yo take pictures of the venture and not with yourself so much. I mean, by any means, snap pictures but make sure to take in and experience this beauty.


10. Disneyland Paris

disneyland paris


disneyland paris

disneyland paris

Le Parisis Hotel: Our hotel was in the center of city, perfect for exploring the beautiful streets of Paris. The concierge were helpful with booking our tours and cabs. The hotel even provided a smartphone to use while touring for calls, texts, maps and internet. This was such a convenient feature. I recommend emailing or calling your hotel ahead of time to see if they offer cell phone service. Such a life saver! (about $134/night)

Le Marquis: This hotel was conveniently close to the Eiffel Tower, which made it perfect for random walks to see the beautiful statue. Surprisingly, we had a cell phone in our room – a must have if you don’t plan to add international calling to your phone plan. Highly recommend this hotel for location, amenities and accommodations! (about $138/night)

Transportation: I highly recommend taking the metro. It literally travels all over Paris, in a matter of minutes. There were 2 metro stations by our hotel, both took different directions but don’t worry, the French are super friendly and many speak English. We decided to purchase an all day pass in case we got lost or waste a ton of money. At each station there’s a friendly face to help you navigate throughout the city. Friday our metro pass was $25 each and Saturday it was based on age, so mine was only $6! Not sure why but the all-day pass is the best way to travel while in Paris. I’d start early if I were you, it’s so much to do!


  • Fly into Charles de Gaulle airport
  • Do wander at night time and discover why Paris is known as the city of love and the city of light.
  • Do explore the city early for the best shots without crowded streets.
  • Do ask for help, even if you can’t speak French. The Parisian people are nice. You be nice, they are nice. It’s simple. Good manners get you everywhere.


  • You do not HAVE to tip (if you don’t want to). By law, in France, service compris is always included in the price, wherever you eat or drink.
  • Don’t try and speak too much French. A merci and a Bonjour is generally sufficient.
  • Don’t avoid the metro. Taking a cab or Uber will cost you!

I hope you get to experience Paris at least once and fall in love with the city like I did!

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  1. Johanna Wilson says:

    So how were the prices of the rooms and is it better to exchange your money before you go?

    • musestudio says:

      The room prices were around $200/night. As far as exchanging currency, I would definitely recommend exchanging $200 at least for small things like taxis (which do not take cards), subway fare, and snacks pickups.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    All your pictures are so beautiful!! I went to Paris as well and it was absolutely gorgeous. I changed my money in the airport but a lot of people told me I should have did it in the ATM machines while in Paris that way I would have gotten more bang for my buck! My favorite think was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and eating inside at the 58 tour Eiffel!! Any who I love ”tis post ❤️ Maybe you can check out my post at tell me what you think

    • musestudio says:

      Thanks stopping by! I’m actually going back next week. I’m so excited to see more and take even more pictures!

  3. Stacy Phillips says:

    What kind of camera / lense do you use?

    • musestudio says:

      Canon DSLR T5i with a 50 mm lens. It’s a crisp lens! I recommend the 85 mm for outfit/full body shots also. 🙂

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