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How to Achieve the Parisian Look

Hi, loves!

Mama. Fashion Enthuse. Business Woman. With a natural inclination for organization and an unwavering passion for attainable, effortless style, elevating the everyday brings a sense of wholeness to my life.

Meet Alexa

Let’s face it, when it comes to style, French women are a major source of inspiration. Parisian women are known for having impeccable and effortless style. If you’re trying to achieve Parisian style at home, don’t panic. It took me a while to even define my style. Then I started to incorporate different trends I liked. What I love about Parisian style is that it can transition from day to night or work to play. Blazers are a must have when trying to achieve this classic look. It’s all about the fit, so find a great tailor to make sure everything in your closet fits to a T.

TIP: You can’t go wrong with a blazer, silk blouse, trousers and pumps.

For this look, I belted my Gucci Marmont GG belt around my favorite blazer for a more elevated look. Pairing my target cuffed two-toned washed denim made it more street style chic. AND THESE SHOES! In the words of Coco Chanel: “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!” It’s a sentiment that’s hard to argue with. I stumbled across these Chanel inspired sling backs in Macys a few weeks ago. Being real with myself about not splurging on the real Chanel’s was tough. But, these dupes are the ultimate French woman shoe. Walking in the streets of Paris can wear on your body so a comfortable shoe is priceless.

TIP: Say no to certain trends and develop a signature look.

I gathered all of my Parisian chic inspired looks from Pinterest. This started the foundation for building classic pieces into my wardrobe. Get inspired & share with me some of your favorite Parisian looks.

Pin my pictures to find more Parisian inspired looks.

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